TIY Week Three

So I’ve been a little lagging with blog posts lately but I honestly haven’t realized how much time has passed.  We’re already three weeks into class at The Iron Yard and time has literally flown by.

There have been high points – learning HTML and CSS wasn’t super hard – and low points – enter JavaScript – but I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every minute so far.  I came to a realization about a week and a half ago that coding and creating projects from scratch is probably one of the most rewarding forms of work that I’ve ever done.  Honestly, until one of my close friends from high school asked me about how my work was going, I didn’t realize that I spend at least 8 hours a day working on coding, that’s how much I’ve been enjoying it.

Week One

The first week wasn’t too hard, we flew through the basics of HTML and CSS and for our first weekly project we built a website with 3 separate pages, each page had to be linked to the others through the navigation bar at the top.  The first page was probably the most frustrating part for me, we had to basically build a grid of pictures using FlexBox.  I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and kept trying to get the margins surrounding each picture exactly like the model that we were trying to follow, but I finally realized that it was just the first week and I didn’t need to have everything exactly perfect.  FlexBox is something I’m still working on perfecting, but I’m sure that that’s something that will come in time.

Week Two

The second week honestly wasn’t too bad either.  We finished up with CSS on Tuesday or Wednesday and started moving into the behind the scenes work that JavaScript does.  I was definitely intimidated to start learning JS since I had done some work on CodeAcademy with both HTML and CSS but I knew that with the fast paced course I needed to just dive in head first.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I picked up the basics of JavaScript rather quickly.  Granted, I’m definitely that girl who takes detailed notes on the readings every night, but I think that that’s really helped me to learn the basics, or at least learn the vocabulary.

Our weekly project wasn’t too bad, we had to solve some different problems using functions and for loops.  I finished the project pretty quickly, but I had no idea what was in store for me on Monday with the Code Olympics.

Week Three

So Monday morning got here and I was super excited for Code Olympics and to spend a day working with challenging code.  Little did I know that imposter syndrome would hit me, and it would hit hard.  Everything that had been clicking the previous week for some reason was just not making sense anymore.  I don’t know if it was lack of sleep (definitely stayed up too late watching Game of Thrones), lack of coffee, or just the fact that it was Monday, but something was just not clicking.

I finally took a step back and found a problem that I could solve, wrote down the logical steps to the problem in English, and then started trying to work through the coding portion.  Finally, after probably an hour of work, I solved my first problem and my team got some points on the board.

The rest of the week had the same sort of highs and lows, I would get stumped and a little frustrated but I definitely have figured out that writing out what steps I need to do in English first helps a lot.

Our weekly project for this week is to build a working calculator from scratch.  I started working on it Thursday afternoon and got through all of the HTML and CSS, and it was honestly so much fun to style it with my own color scheme.  I feel like it’s the first project that I really got to put my personality and personal style into, at least as much as you can with a calculator!

Friday was a little bit frustrating but as of right now the calculator does all of the basic math functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division),  I just haven’t figured out how to automatically clear the answer from the screen when you start typing a new number.  Over the next week I’m going to be adding order of operations, a decimal point, and a few other things.

Things to Come…

I’m going to try and be better about regularly posting on the blog here.  I’ve definitely figured out the value in sitting down and putting my thoughts on paper (screen?), and need to do it more regularly.

I’ll post the calculator when it’s finished, and hopefully get around to styling this blog sooner rather than later!

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