CSS Wrap Up

It’s been a long past few days for me outside of The Iron Yard so I took a slight break from blogging but I’m happy to report that so far the class is going great.  Yesterday was our last day learning CSS and today we are moving on to JavaScript.

This morning I’m feeling a little bit nervous about it because the instructors said that if you caught on to CSS super quickly JavaScript might be a little bit challenging for you, but I’m hopeful that if I work just as hard to learn it as I did CSS that I’ll be okay.

I’ve honestly really enjoyed our work with layouts in CSS the past few days.  I don’t know if it’s just because I have a little bit of previous experience working with layouts or because I am a weird mix of right and left-brain thinking, but something completely clicked for me while we were working on our daily project yesterday and it felt really great.

I think that the coolest part about The Iron Yard so far is that while it has been hard work, I honestly hadn’t thought about it as work last night until my best friend from high school said something about it being work.  That’s probably been one of the most exciting things to happen to me in a long time because of how unhappy I became at my last job and I can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to have an opportunity to pursue a career that feels fun to me.

Sure there are times where figuring things out has already gotten a little bit frustrating, but I’ve began to figure out that sometimes all you need to do is step back from the problem or even just talk it out.  Something I found myself doing a little bit when I was working on our weekly project was actually talking to my dog about it.  Thankfully Tucker is a great listener, even though I’m sure he doesn’t understand anything I’m saying.

I’m excited to dive into JavaScript today and can’t wait to see how this new challenge goes!

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