TIY Day Two

The past two days have flown by at The Iron Yard.  Today we focused on learning HTML, which wasn’t too hard since I practiced it on CodeAcademy while I was too sunburned to go outside at the beach (gotta love being pale…).

We started off the day in groups again answering a few basic questions about what HTML is, then we were given the choice to break off and do more review or begin working on our activities.

I chose to go ahead and start on the activities which was such a good decision.  We worked in pairs, which I really enjoyed because it helped to start talking about the code and collaborating using technical terms.  It was also interesting to collaborate with my partner and take the activities beyond just the instructions that we were given.  Our first activity was making a website about ocelots, and my partner and I decided to further expand on the activity by embedding a video of a big cat roaring at the beginning.  Working in pairs was a great chance to see just how creative and collaborative coding really can be.

After our lunch break, we split off to work on our own individual projects.  We built our own websites about a TV show and had to link three different sites together.  The only thing I really struggled on during the activity was a blockquote, but I think I missed that part in the reading, so it would make sense that I struggled with that a little bit.  After finishing the project, I got to go through our reading for the night.  This time I made sure to go through and take notes just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  We start on CSS tomorrow and I’m excited to put it together with what we learned today and build more than just the shell of a website by adding some design layers to it!

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