TIY Day One

Day One of The Iron Yard is complete!!

Today we really just focused on getting to know the basics of Git and GitHub and getting comfortable working in the terminal.  I’m not gonna lie I was a tiny bit nervous going into today because the reading from this weekend was a little bit confusing but I figured it was one of those concepts that you really just need to practice to understand and that was definitely true.

We spent our first part of the morning answering questions about Git in small groups and then talking about the same questions and concepts as a cohort.  It was really helpful to talk over the reading and then to see some of the concepts demonstrated visually on the whiteboard.  After taking a quick break for a stretch we came back and our instructors demonstrated Git using the terminal, showing us how to create a local repository, create a branch, merge the branch, link the local repository to a remote repository, and then how to push our changes from the local repository to the remote repository on GitHub.

After we were shown how to do all of this our instructors turned us loose and let us practice with that until breaking for lunch at 12.

When we came back from lunch, we went to work on our afternoon project. Today’s project was really just practicing more with Git and GitHub, but it was definitely worth it and I think I’m picking up on how to use both of them.  After we finished up our projects we were allowed to get a head start on tonight’s reading.

Tomorrow we are starting on HTML and I’m so excited! I practiced a little bit with CodeAcademy after finishing my pre-work for TIY.  I can’t wait to start diving deeper into the different types of code I learned the basics about and can’t wait to start creating and building things with that code.

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