New Beginnings

Today is the day, I quit my job in sales to begin my journey to becoming a web developer. In about two and a half weeks I will begin my 12 weeks at the Iron Yard campus in Charlotte, NC and I could not be more excited!

When I graduated from the University of South Carolina last year (Go Cocks!) I honestly had no idea what kind of career I wanted to pursue. I moved back home to Winston-Salem for the summer and applied to every kind of job I could think of hoping to somehow join an ad agency. Of course being at home in Winston started to get kind of boring so I decided to try out some coding through CodeAcademy. I found it to be so interesting and sort of relaxing because to me everything kind of fit together like a function or a recipe.

However, I didn’t have much time to really dive deep into coding because in August I began working at my job in sales. One thing I learned quickly was that sales was not an easy industry to be in because it is really a roller coaster of emotions. I began thinking of getting out of the sales industry just because it was a constant source of stress to me to be continuously worrying about things I honestly had no control over, but I had no idea what I wanted to do.

For me everything changed on a walk home from brunch with my friends Katie and Taylor. We had just finished a delicious brunch at Little Spoon and were walking back to their apartment to catch the USC basketball game (something I honestly never thought I’d rush home for, but March Madness was good to us this year), and Katie mentioned something about Iron Yard. Unfortunately we didn’t get to talk much about it during that brunch because it started to downpour on us as we were walking. When I got back to my apartment I didn’t really think much more about her mentioning the program and watched the game with my dog.

The next day at work though I remembered her mentioning it and during my lunch hour I started Googling Iron Yard on my phone. Of course this led to me doing research on all of the different coding courses in Charlotte, but for some reason I kept coming back to Iron Yard.

I mentioned the idea to my dad on the way home from work a couple of days later and he started looking into the different courses as well and had the same result I did, he kept coming back to Iron Yard. So I decided to take one of their free introduction courses online, and randomly decided on the Intro to JavaScript course. Y’all when I say I took the course and started completely nerding out I mean it, I got halfway through the first lesson and decided I wanted to start over and take notes on the entire process, it was so exciting and relaxing to me to able to learn something new and enjoy it so much.

I am so excited to continue to learn and grow over the course with Iron Yard. I can’t wait to see what I will develop and what skills I will learn. I know that these next few months are going to be tough and require a lot of hard work but I am so excited to see what the outcome of all of this hard work will be. Follow along with me to see what I learn and develop throughout the course.

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